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What is Jendoux?

Jendoux is the world's first Scroll Reading web application designed for non-handheld devices that helps you scroll-read/speed-read webpages.

What is Scroll Reading?

Scroll Reading has two senses:

  1. Jendoux automatically plays out text either scrolling text out vertically or horizontally.
  2. You can manually read text by scrolling your mousewheel in each text player.

Why do I need Jendoux?

  • Jendoux creates friendly and tidy page layouts.
  • Jendoux helps you focus on reading.
  • Jendoux speeds up your reading.
  • Jendoux lower your eyes’ workload.

How to use Jendoux?

  • Open your browser and visit the Jendoux App.
  • Type a URL or some keywords in the query textbox. Open the destination page.
  • Choose the mode you would like to read from. There are Flash Mode, Slide Mode and Text Mode.
  • Play and read the text.

Read More About Jendoux

To watch all videos related to Jendoux, visit https://www.youtube.com/user/wonmanfactory

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